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A totally natural oil for face and body, with no added essential oils. Jitaphala is purified, deacidified and deodorised olive oil. The oil helps to keep the skin supple, to prevent aging and the formation of wrinkles, smoothing out existing ones. Jitaphala is eudermic, making the skin more supple, nutritious and rich in antioxidants.

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Olive oil is an ancient Mediterranean treasure, known for 3500 years for its numerous properties and ideal for oiling the body and face. Thanks to the fatty acids, vitamins and minerals it contains, it is particularly suitable to make the skin soft, supple and radiant. Rich in natural antioxidants it effectively counteracts the aging process. It's very good for soothing and preventing dry skin, irritation, cracking or flaking.

Jitphala is a good anti-aging oil for the elderly. It protects the delicate skin of children.

How to use:

Apply daily over the whole body and face.


Olivarum oleum (purified olive oil) 

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