• Snanam


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Cleansing body powder suitable for all skin types, in particular for those affected by eczema, psoriasis and acne. It is a substitute for soap.

Contents: 400g powder of medicinal plants 

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Ideal for daily cleansing, Snanam leaves a delicate aroma of herbs on the skin and makes it supple and soft to touch. The chickpea flour nourishes the skin deep and favours the normal growth and protective function of the skin.

During a massage, after oiling the body, Snanam removes the excess oiliness leaving the skin’s natural hydro-lipid film, as it contains no alkali.
Thanks to its delicacy children, adults and the elderly can use Snanam and it may be used on inflamed skin as well. It is also very good to use after physical activity to relieve the acidity of the skin caused by excessive sweating.

How to use:

Apply directly to the wet or greasy body; or prepare a batter with warm water and apply lightly rubbing.


Cicer arietinum, Saponaria officinalis, Hamamelis virginiana, Salvia officinalis, Potentilla erecta, Plantago major, Veronica officinalis, Lippia citriodora. Body cleanser powder. 

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