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  • Utsadanam


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Detergent hair powder.  Helps in case of seborrhoea and scalp itching .

Content: 400g powder of medicinal plants and clay

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A completely natural shampoo powder. The roots contained in the mixture naturally strengthen the hair bulb, the flowers cleanse the length of the hair. Utsadanam donates a feeling of freshness accompanied by the detoxification of the scalp, allowing for better nutrition of the hair. The particular quality of clay contained in the mixture absorbs excess oiliness following the application of the oil, or the excess of oily secretion, without drying the scalp. Use an amount in relation to the lengths of the hair, also for frequent washing.

How to use:

Prepare a batter with luke-warm water, apply by lightly rubbing and massaging the scalp for 2-3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly using a fine-toothed comb.


Hectorite, Urtica dioica, Quercus alba, Salvia officinalis, Thymus serpillum, Juniperus communis, Hedera elix. 

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