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A blend of spices and herbs with a salty taste for cereal, meats, fish and vegetables. To be used either during cooking or on raw food. Helps the natural digestion of food. Mixed with a little ghee (clarified butter) or honey it can be used before a meal to stimulate appetite and aid the digestive system.

Contents: 40g. 

Recommended as seasoning for various dishes, Appeto Virya® is an aromatic salt of spices and herbs ideal to use during cooking or on raw food. The blend has a powerful stimulating action on the first stage of digestion, which takes place in the mouth. The action continues at the gastric level and continues into the duodenum. In case of dyspepsia, loss of appetite, anorexia and eating disorders, it helps the acid gastric secretion

How to use:

1/4 teaspoon twice a day before meals, with ghee. Repeat if symptoms persist. Regular use for the cooking of food is recommended. 

A mixture of spices and herbs that help to eliminate intestinal fermentation and bloating,  to be used on raw and cooked fruit, pulses, eggs, vegetables (good with cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli)as well as sweet food.

Contents: 40 g. 

Fresh fruit is usually considered to be a simple and easy food to take in.

However according to Ayurveda it has the characteristic of ‘heaviness’, being full of the element ‘Water’ and of a mainly sweet flavour. Enriching the fresh fruit with spices enhances its re-mineralizing, refreshing and thirst-quenchingqualities and makes them better available.
The Fruit Masala skilfully combines digestive spices and herbs in powder to be added to both single raw fruit or in fruit salads, or cooked in a pan or in the oven, in order to facilitate digestion and to prevent intestinal fermentation. Fruit Masala is also very good when added during the cooking of eggs, legumes, and vegetables. Adding Fruit Masala to the dough of cakes makes them aromatic and better digestible.

How to use:

Add two or more teaspoons at pleasure during the cooking of fruit, to fresh fruit salads, fresh fruit and in fruit pies. The blend is also suitable for cooking vegetables, omelettes, etc. 

A mixture of spices and herbs with saffron, for milk, cereals, vegetables, cakes, custards.

Contents: 40g 

Milk Masala is a spice blend formulated specifically for cow's milk and goat's milk, which aids their digestion and the assimilation of all their nutritious and invigorating qualities when added during boiling. The milk, well digested, stimulates the kidney function, calms the mind, nourishes "Ojas", our vital energy and regenerates energy after sex.
It also helps the digestibility of the "milk" of rice, soy, oats and almonds. The Milk Masala Virya®, is also very good for seasoning rice, pasta and for cooking all sweet vegetables (carrots, fennel, etc.).

How to use:

Add 1/2 teaspoon of Milk Masala per cupof milk and heat the milk until boiling. Sweeten with sugar to taste.

For cereals and vegetables, put the amount of powder Milk Masala Virya® to taste, preferably during cooking. It can be used raw to season pasta. 

A mildly spiced mixture, suitable for all types of food to be used either during cooking or on raw food. Helps the natural digestion of food. You can mix it with a little ghee (clarified butter) or honey to be used before a meal to stimulate appetite and aid the digestive system   

Contents: 40g. 

The three hot spices that make up the blend enhance the digestive function, improving the absorption of the necessary nutrients and the breakdown of accumulated ‘waste’ substances.

Trikatu has a stimulating effect on the appetite and helps to rebuild the bacterial flora of the digestive tract. It is very good for cooking all foods and a necessary additive to make fresh and aged cheeses well digestible.

How to use:

Trikatu can be used during cooking to add flavour to meat, fish, vegetables, pulses and cheeses. 

Blend of spices with Indian fragrances for Chai (spiced tea with milk), meat, fish and vegetables. To be used either during cooking or on raw food. Helps the natural digestion of food.

Contents: 40 g. 

Indian Tea Masala is a mixture of spices to be add to tea together with milk, to prepare the "Chai", a restoring and invigorating drink widely used in India. Ideal to evoke magical and unusual atmospheres to conquer and amaze friends and acquaintances, it relieves the oppression of the summer heat and gives heat and warmth to the humidity and greyness of autumn and winter.

Excellent flavouring blend for all teas, Bancha tea, and herbal tea. 

Indian Tea Masala is also very good when added to the cooking of meat and fish and vegetables, such as cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli.

How to use:

Preparation of Chai: use with good quality water and tea (Darjeeling), bring to the boil, add half a tablespoon of sugar per cup; filter, add the Indian Tea Masala and equal amounts of milk; bring to the boil while stirring in a deep pan. Serve and drink still hot.