Allergic conjunctivitis

After the cold and wet winter, the warmth of the outdoor temperature and the days with more hours of light, tone the body, mind and spirit, but not for everyone. For some of us spring is a problem: eyes redden, get itchy, watery, are intolerant to light (photophobia), and the eyelids swell. According to the […]

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Spring allergies

Sneezing repeatedly, red and watery eyes, itching all over or in parts of the body are some symptoms that people perceive with the arrival of spring. The beauty of the explosion of a multitude of flowers, with bright and vibrant colors, for many is nothing more than a nuisance, a health problem. According to Ayurveda […]

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Fever and flu


With the arrival of the cold and humid weather fever and flu appear, which we normally associate with the multiplication of viruses. Ayurveda locates in the “land”, that is, in the body, in the constitution of a person, the basis of health or of the development of diseases. In particular, if we accumulate ‘toxins’ and […]

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