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Abdominal swelling

March 20, 2016

pancia gonfiaMany of us have suffered abdominal swelling sporadically or chronically, in other words, hard and tense abdomen and / or heaviness in the lower abdomen. This so common disorder for Ayurveda is due to an imbalance of one of the three energies that make up the human being: Vata Dosha (air), which is headquartered in the colon.

According to Ayurveda there may be several causes: incorrect food combinations, poor digestive fire (Agni), stress, suppression of physiological stimulus. You don’t go to the toilet if it’s not your own, holding back feces all day or, in the morning, you get up at the last minute, leaving no time for the bowels to get active.

Following the principles of Ayurveda, we suggest to make some small changes in your lifestyle:

  • in the morning get up early having breakfast at home with calmth and leave the right time for the physiological needs;
  • avoid foods that favour intestinal bloating such as cheese, yoghurt, raw salads, fried food, sausages and salami, tomatoes, peppers, alcohol, coffee and tea, milk chocolate, snack foods;
  • during the cooking of food improve the digestibility and avoid fermentation by using herbs and spices (Churna® Kitchen), except chilli;
  • chew well;
  • use natural products made from plants to assist the rebalancing of the colonic mucosa, in particular the tablets Gam Virya® that help to eliminate belly bloating and the bloating of the whole body. We also suggest taking Grahah Virya® to rebalance the natural intestinal flora and gut motility, eliminating spasms.In the event that you have heat in the intestines or if you are smoking, we suggest adding the ready to use decoction Virechan Virya® and the antioxidant tablets Rikhiya Virya®.


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