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Digestive System Suggestions

Acidity and Heartburn

October 1, 2016

For Ayurveda the change of season is set by the energy field Vata (air) that can upset in excess the field Pitta (Fire), present in the stomach.This may cause a burning sensation, acidity, and sometimes swelling. Excessive burning may also be due to wrong lifestyles such as: cigarette smoke, ingestion of alcohol, irritating foods like chilli, hearty meals, stress, and certain medications.

To soothe the burning sensations Ayurveda suggests eating food with a ‘sweet’ taste (Rasa). The food that has ultimate sweetness is ghee (see our recipe section), so we recommend eating a spoon in the morning on an empty stomach followed by a glass of hot water. In addition to this dosage you can use ghee to season soups, meat, vegetables ….

‘Sweetness’ may also be represented by a gesture of “focus” on yourself, such as: stopping for a moment and take three deep breaths to break the tension, take a foot bath or a bath with Uttapa Virya®, which contains fragrant herbs in powder, or sip the herbal tea Pitta Samya Virya®.

If this all were not enough, we offer the ready-to-use decoction Jaranam Virya® that alleviates the stomach burning and Tejas Virya® to refresh the whole body. For those who also need an antioxidant action, because they are practicing sports or are studying, we offer the preparation in tablets Rikhiya Virya®.


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