Emotional States Suggestions


April 29, 2014

rabbiaWhen you are often angry or you are always angry, it means you have a strong imbalance in the Pitta energy field (Fire). In fact when you’re angry, you feel hot and the heart beats faster, the blood pulsates strongly in the temples. Mentally you’re hyperactive and tough in action or in words.

Anger is a typical human emotion such as joy and sorrow. According Ayurveda we have to work on our entire ecosystem to handle this emotion: on Body-Mind-Spirit.

Therefore, at physical level we suggest products such as the tablets Sadaka Virya® or the herbal tea Cittam Virya® that have the ability to help you calm down, keeping you with quick reflexes and an open mind. This way you will face situations of hardship with positive energy and, over time you will become more reflective. You will learn to listen to your anger and turn it into a constructive relationship, so you will be able to identify what you think is right, then to say so without the use of anger, but with reason.

During this journey you will need help to release tension and to reflect. For a positive moment of relaxation we suggest a good hot bath or foot bath with powder of only refreshing plants Uttapa Virya® or balsamic plants Unnah Virya® to calm the panting breath.


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