Boswellia: curiosity and health

June 1, 2015

boswelliaBoswellia is a tropical plant that can reach 5-6 meters in height. It is a plant with a thousand resources. Its use for medicinal purposes or for disinfectant fumigation of the environment is known since ancient times, from India to Mesopotamia up to the whole Mediterranean region.

From the Boswellia the resin is used, obtained from the incision of the cortex. This is an incision that does not harm the tree. The exudate of the trunk hardens slowly on contact with the air and forms drops, the so-called “tears”, which retain the creamy white colour and the alabaster transparency. These raw drops are the incense, which serves for the fumigation and is used as a symbol of offer in all the ceremonial forms of religious worship such as the Christian Catholic and Greek Orthodox religion.

In Ayurveda we use the Boswellia serrata. Its oleo-gum-resin contains different substances designed to rebalance the excess of Pitta (Fire) Dosha, one of the three Energy fields that constitutes the human being. It has a refreshing and nourishing action in particular on joint, ligaments and tendons, encouraging their natural features and preserving them from wear. It is therefore recommended for all athletes, both amateur and professional, and for all those who have bone and joint problems, be they children or adults.

In addition, the Boswellia serrata balances the Pitta (Fire) Dosha in its main locations that are around the duodenum and small intestine. Therefore, it helps to restore the natural functioning of the intestinal mucosa, giving comfort to people suffering from excess heat in the intestine and chronic diseases.


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