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Diabetes (prameha)

November 19, 2012

diabete-misurazioneA person having diabetes has a high rate of sugar in the blood, due to a malfunction of the pancreas. Drug therapies are necessary to lead a normal life. For Ayurveda, diabetes (prameha) is a metabolic disorder caused by a significant imbalance of the three energy fields that influence the functioning of the body. The guidelines we provide, serve as a preventive action, useful when there is a “predisposition” of our body to this dysfunction, and to limit the side effects of the disease. They therefore do not substitute the pharmacological therapy.

Fundamental are dietary habits that are based on the elimination of foods that in Ayurveda have the “qualities” of coldness and heaviness such as cheese, yoghurt, bananas and foods that clog the channels (Srotas), present in many pancreatic glands. Instead, the intake of foods with a bitter taste like chicory, artichokes and cardoon open the channels. Cooking foods with herbs and spices (except chilli pepper) serve furthermore to stimulate digestion (see the ready to use spice mixture Churna® Kitchen).

To enhance maintaining the channels free and to restore proper digestion, we recommend Ayurvedic preparations such as the tablets Amavata Virya® that open the channels; Kaf Virya® tablets that fluidify the “toxins” that clog the channels and the antioxidant tablets Hara Virya®, which support and nourish the body. Finally we suggest drinking the herbal tea Kapha Samya Virya® that improves digestion during the day, but is also excellent during or after a meal.

For the diabetic it is also essential to do physical activity and breathing exercises to improve the overall health and Yoga is very suitable for these purposes.


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