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Gastritis, frequent discomfort

July 15, 2011

gastrite donnaIn Ayurveda gastritis is called Amlapitta, as it comes from an increase in the Dosha Pitta (Fire) in the stomach. This burden alters the chemical reaction between the food and the digestive juices. This stomach upset can be caused by climatic conditions (excessive heat of the season) and / or the quality of foods or their incorrect combination, or to stress.

We suggest eating fresh food, freshly cooked, not stored or cooked days before. In addition, you must remove those foods that favour acidity, fermentation or heat from your diet such as tomatoes, peppers, pork, sausages, cold meats, chili, ripe cheeses, coffee, etc. In addition, you should avoid taking cold food or drinks from the fridge.

If these adjusments are not enough to soothe the pain you can use natural formulations such as the decoction Jaranam Virya® that helps to regulate the stomach secretions and to reduce the inflammations of the gastric mucosa. We also offer the pills Tejas Virya® that encourage a rebalancing of the excess heat present in the body. We also advise drinking the herbal teas Pitta Samya Virya® and Pavana Virya®, not only to quench thirst, but also because they contain herbs that refresh the body and are a liver decongestant.


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