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How to beat Spring fatigue

March 16, 2012

stanchezzaThe change of season with a switch from winter temperatures to spring warmth over a short time often creates imbalances in energy fields and determines tiredness and apathy, sometimes daze and muscle weakness. Even our mind and our spirit are affected by these seasonal changes and we become more lazy, we find it difficult to concentrate and we easily forget names, places and commitments.

This effort to adapt to the new season generates an energy consumption above standard. In fact, winter is considered a season of hibernation, while spring is a season that bursts of new activities, the “blooming” in all fields. If we associate this with the movement in the body of toxins (AMA), derived from diets with too much fat accumulated during the winter, we feel worn-out and inactive.

We therefore suggest a cleansing action of the liver with the herbal tea Pavana Virya®, to be associated with a bowel cleansing taking the tablets Adhogam Virya®. It is also important to nourish and sustain the body and mind with the jam Chayavanaprasa Virya®, rich in pro-vitamin C, antioxidants. We suggest toning your body with Shatavari Virya®, and to improve the neurological and muscular functions with Ashwagandha Virya®. In this way you recover you energies faster. Obviously, physical activity and proper diet are an important support for the recovery of vital energy.


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