Nutrition Swellness and Overweight

‘Minestrone’ (Vegetable soup) is the right secret to losing weight and staying fit

June 26, 2020

Personally I do not need a diet to lose weight because I am able to maintain my weight throughout the year with a balanced diet.

How do I succeed?
Eating minestrone 4 or 5 times a week!

The real Mediterranean diet of our ancestors didn’t consist in eating the pasta with tomato daily, but was eating Minestrone daily.

So what are the tricks to prepare this beneficial Minestrone?
I sautéed onion and garlic with water, instead of oil and cook seasonal vegetables together with only one legume at a time (beans, chickpeas, lentils …) and with only one cereal in grain (barley, oats, Spelled, buckwheat …). When the minestrone is served in the dish, I add extra virgin olive oil or ghee (clarified butter).

What makes it a full dish?

In one dish you have at the same time carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, vitamins and mineral salts. It is the perfect diet that are prescribed by the ayurvedic food dictates. I eat it until I’m satisfied, usually two abundant dishes.
Ayurvedic secrets in Minestrone:
The minestrone is a simple dish, easy to digest also thanks to the presence of herbs and spices such as rosemary, sage, salsa, oregano, marjoram, fennel, coriander, assafoetid, pepper that stimulate digestion and prevent meteorism.(swollen belly)
It’s the classic one single dish that detoxifies the body in addition to nourishing it, by facilitating the elimination of the toxins accumulated above all for the sedentary and stressful life that we live.
What vegetables should you use?
To make Minestrone I use the seasonal vegetables that are the most suitable for the climate in which I am.
In the winter I use the various types of savoy cabbage and cabbage.
In summer chard, carrots, celery (including the leaves), courgettes, fresh legumes such as beans, chickpeas.
I never use tomatoes and peppers, as they belong to the solanaceae family and are very difficult to digest.

Minestrone that “take the energy away” …
I never buy frozen Minestrone because, according to Ayurveda, they take “energy” to the body instead of giving it. They are “dead” foods. Generally, I prepare enough minestrone so that I can consume it over the course of the day. In this way I assimilate all the energy of food.
Minestrone for everyone!
What I use to make is not the “minestrone diet” that involves the use of just vegetables, without cereals and proteins, a diet that can only be good for obese people. I simply apply an effective and energetic diet to keep me fit and this diet could also be useful for people who want to lose those famous 2 or 3 chilo’s they have extra.


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