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Natural Remedies against Anxiety: Some Strategies to overcome it

June 30, 2017

rimedi_naturali_contro_ansiaAnxiety covers a very large and complex field that deeply involves every person’s life.

From the Ayurvedic point of view, this feeling comes from an aggravation of the Energetic Field Air (Vata Dosha) which in turn unbalances the Energetic Field ‘Fire’ (Pitta Dosha), which are 2 of the 3 Energetic Fields that make up the human being.

What is anxiety and what is it for?

Anxiety is an innate protection emotion, naturally present in the human being. It intervenes to safeguard us from dangers and to protect its integrity both from the point of view of health and survival. The emotion of anxiety is a stimulus that puts the person on alert for a ‘danger’ and lets you find a ‘rescue’ solution to the problem.

The positive protection aspect of anxiety can turn into a real pathological condition when it presents itself in excessive form by becoming an emotion that accompanies everything that happens to us every day.

The Ayurvedic approach to relieve anxiety

If you are in this situation of anxiety, some strategies can help you find relief:

  • rebalance the Air-Fire Energy Fields with ayurvedic preparations:you can use the Dvidashamula Virya® herbal tea that nourishes and oxygenates the central nervous system in association with the Gam Virya® tablets that rebalance Vata Dosha in its main site (the colon) and the Tejas Virya® tablets that calm down the Pitta Dosha excess in the whole body.
  • Constipation causes blockage of the body’s energy flow and needs to be solved. Try the ready-made decoction Virechan Virya®.
  • use some manipulation techniques:
  • with the index finger, press the point between the two eyebrows for 5 minutes, exerting a little pressure. You will have immediate benefit.
  • Or massage with a circular motion with the thumb of your right hand the center of your left hand palm for 2 or 3 minutes and then repeat the massage on the right.
  • Perform self-massage with herbal oils (without the presence of essential oils) such as Nirmalavayu forte Virya® on the abdomen, back and feet.
  • Try a Footwash with Prativatam Virya® after oiling your feet.
  • Get some Ayurvedic massages with herbal oil from properly trained operators.
  • Address systematically anxiety with the oriental practices of yoga, ki-hikido, tai chi chuan or qi gong, that teach body listening and introspection. Much will depend on the empathy that will arise between you and the teacher. With your willingness and perseverance and the skill of the master you will be able to open a ‘passage’ to solve your anxiety problem.

Hints from the dictionary

In the last thirty years, the word anxiety has entered the common language to indicate a broad spectrum of fears and emotions.ansia

The definition that the Great Dictionary of the Italian Language gives the word anxiety is “a tormented state of the soul, caused by uncertainty about the achievement of a hoped-for good or the threat of a feared evil.”

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