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Suggestions Swellness and Overweight


March 13, 2017

sovrapesoIf you suffer from overweight it can help to follow Ayurveda, with its basic principles of Tastes (Rasa) and Quality (Guna) of foods. It is not necessary to weigh the grams of food consumed at meals or to calculate how many Kcal you need a day. Just follow some Ayurvedic lifestyle and culinary principles.
When there is overweight, there’s an unbalance of Vata Dosha (Air), one of the three energy fields that make up the human being and digestive capacity (Agni- digestive fire), i.e. the ability to “absorp the nutritional elements” of the food.

In all these cases we recommend an Ayurvedic diet, mainly vegetarian, consisting of one complete dish such as soups with vegetables and pulses. It is good to enrich the dishes with herbs from the vegetable garden (rosemary, sage, fennel, coriander, black mustard, .) and spices (black pepper, cinnamon, cloves) that aid digestion and help to eliminate the swelling. We offer mixes of herbs and spices ready for use such as Appeto Virya®, Trikatu Virya®. In addition to suggesting to always eat cooked and warm foods to facilitate digestion and balance the Vata, we invite you to consume seasonal vegetables, because they are rich in nutrinional properties and flavours suitable for the current season. We recommend to avoid however acidic foods, such as tomatoes, peppers, vinegar and canned foods. We also advise you to use raw extra virgin olive oil as dressing because it has a great natural balancing effect on Vata Dosha and is for by nature a warm and oily food. According to Ayurveda these are two characteristics that rebalance coldness and dryness of Vata. In our recipe section you will find easy to prepare, quick and tasty meals following Ayurvedic principles.

In addition to proposing a correct diet in order to encourage a more rapid rebalancing of metabolism, we offer preparations that balance the Vata Dosha such as the tablets Gam Virya®, that  reduce bloating and draining; the tablets Kancha Virya® to open the lymph channels and to tonify the tissues; Jathara Virya® that stimulates and cleanses the liver. It is important to remember to drink hot teas to help removing the toxins. A great help are the herbal teas Vata Samya Virya® and Koshtha Virya®, which can be drunk throughout the day, using a thermos. For Ayurveda warmth is an additional “ingredient” to the composition and very important to eliminate swelling. Therefore herbal teas should never be heated, as they change flavour.


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