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How to alleviate insomnia

March 4, 2013

conta pecoreIn the morning we get up more tired than the night before, with swollen eyes and sometimes with heaviness in the head, or even with headaches. This is the result of one or more nights in which you are not able to rest with a refreshing sleep or, even worse, you literally didn’t close your eyes, and the mind continued to spin around as if you were in full daytime activity.

 Insomnia can be chronic or linked to sudden changes of season and / or the environment (travel). According to Ayurveda, this happens when the energy fields of Pitta (fire) and Vata (Air) are unbalanced by several factors: the hectic pace of everyday life, excessive competitiveness at work, sudden environmental changes, improper nutrition and outside meals, excessive smoking and nervine drinks, the habit of going to bed late, ie in the early hours of the morning, repression of emotions of bitterness, anger or grief, and poor breathing (apnea).

To balance your body and your mind first of all we suggest to change the lifestyle, regaining time for yourselve. Have the courage to build a ladder of commitments and learn to say “NO” to some of them. Dinner, without growing heavy, should be no later than 20:30hrs and bedtime, once digested, should be no later than 23.00 hours, to allow the biological clock to rest the vital organs (heart, liver, ..).

To relax and remove the excessive fatigue and agitation we recommend devoting time to a good hot bath or foot baths and hand baths with the herbal powders Prativatam Virya®, which help to eliminate the agitation and frenzy of the day from the body.
In addition, to help sleep we suggest to drink the relaxing and digestive tea Shanti Virya® after dinner, but also during the day. To avoid accumulating stress during daytime we recommend the use of the tablets Tulsi Virya®, which favours concentration and memory by promoting natural sleep in the evening, in addition avoiding the build up of tension. For those who are used to drinking milk before bedtime, the tea can be replaced with a cup of hot milk with the spices Milk Masala Virya®. If you want to have a major action to reconcile the physiological sleep we recommend drinking it together with Tulsi Virya®


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