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All you need to know about Dietary Herbal Teas

March 25, 2017

Many of my Herbalist’s shop clients ask me for herbal infusion to loose 5 chilos weight and they do not want or better, they do not have the strength to follow a slimming diet.

They tell me that the idea of weighing all food and eating only those indicated by the dietician makes them doing their head in.

Others, on the other hand, say that they have followed a diet counting points, a fat burning diet,or the diet recommended by the nutritionist, and after all these diets, they desire to drink a herbal tea that can reduce swelling and make them loose weight.

To choose the right herbal tea you need to understand why you feel swollen!

When there is swelling and / or water retention there is an imbalance of Vata (Air) Dosha, one of the three Energetic Fields that, according to Ayurveda, constitute the human being.

Vata is headquartered in the colon, an organ that presides over many and important actions:

  • the absorption of nutrients,
  • balancing body fluids,
  • regulation of the cardio-circulatory system, intestinal motility and more

For this reason, following Ayurveda’s dictates, I recommend the herbal tea Vata Samya Virya® which rebalances the colon, with the 23 plants it contains, making the person more deflated, lighter and more toned.

What does this herbal tea do?

The effectiveness of the slimming herbal tea Vata Samya Virya® depends on the fact that:

  • it regulates the qualities of lightness, coldness, roughness and dryness of the Vata (Air) Dosha thanks to the presence of the radicals (carrier of stability) of Angelica, Altea, Gramigna and Claw of the Devil;
  • it regulates the qualities of heat, created by the hot flavour of the fruits of wild celery, Anice and Cumin, that balance the excess cold, helping digestion and avoiding intestinal fermentations;
  • It favours the normal peristalsis, thanks to the mucilages of Malva leaves and of the Licorice root that rebalance the dryness and roughness of the mucous membranes and joints.

When should you drink it?

The Ayurvedic herbal tea Vata Samya Virya® is a natural aid for all seasons, to always drink warm during the day, it can not be heated but may be be stored in a thermos. Heat is an extra element to eliminate swelling.

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