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Avoid falling ill by removing foods that inhibit the immune system

January 11, 2020

Our immune system can be put to the test by the microorganisms as well as ‘junk foods’ and by incorrect food habits.

According to Ayurveda

As stated in the previous article, it is crucial not to create AMA- mucus – and have a good digestion. Agni (Digestive Fire), a purely Ayurvedic concept, can be stimulated and depressed by the types of food we ingest, by the way it is cooked or by eating food raw.

If there is a microorganism in the outer environment present, such as a virus for example of a cold and we have mucus in the body, when we come into contact with the cold virus, it will easily settle in our high respiratory tract as it finds the mucus to feed upon to grow. We weaken even more and this creates a further good developmental ground for bacteria. If we do not act properly, our cold could turn into bronchitis or pneumonia.

In our continental climate some foods, very common on our tables, favour the creation of AMA and are:

  • cheeses,
  • yoghurt also those of vegetable origin;
  • bananas and all exotic fruit;
  • raw foods such as salads and fresh, tasty fruit.

Others, on the other hand, take away energy from our body instead of donating them, thus aggravating the immune system and they are:

  • frozen foods, even those we prepare for ourselves at home,
  • industrial foods closed in bags or jars ready to be heated,
  • Refined sugar and all the products that contain it such as industrial drinks and juices

The immune system is regulated by the Kapha (Water) Dosha Energetic Field, which has its main seat in the stomach and as important secondary seats the respiratory system and the head. So for Ayurveda there is an energetic relationship between the immune system and the stomach. Good digestion at stomach level leads to a healthy and balanced immune system.

Therefore, we recommend the use of Kaf Virya® tablets before meals and the use of spices and herb mixtures such as Trikatu Virya® and Appeto Virya® as appetizers. This appetizer is very easy to prepare and take in: add a small amount of ghee (clarified butter) or honey on a table spoon that serves as a base to mix ½ teaspoon of Trikatu Virya® powder, plus ½ teaspoon of Appeto Virya® powder. Mix gently with the teaspoon and being on the spoon it is easy to put into your mouth and take in before meals. Afterwards you can have a sip of water or herbal tea or broth. Again, to help your digestion, when cooking foods add herbs and spices that make, for Ayurveda, the nutrients more bioavailable and therefore easier to assimilate without creating AMA.

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